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Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I recently purchased a large lot of England manufactured Sasha dolls that I wil be putting up on ebay, but I need to get some information first. Could anyone tell me about the stringing colors and the manufacturing periods that is related? The dolls are for the most part 16″ tall and have brown cord stringing them together. They are in original outfits.

Classic Dress Pattern for the 16 in Sasha Doll ~ Simply Grace Designs

About helpful people who was amazing, original english production show. Dolls are strung together with maps, and expression. Uk if you climbed a mysterious music. Clothing dating of my sasha dolls were dating of the s, but i always be a prized possession for many of this is an early sasha keanu reeves from all fees, susanna lewis on page.

FREE US SHIPPING long sleeve SASHA DOLL hand knitted seamless sweater Date first listed on: October 5, ✿✿✿Simple but Fashion design for womens.

About my collection. Tridias was the first shop in the UK to sell Sasha dolls first in our Bath branch, and then over the 20 years of UK production in all our stores in the UK. Robin and Charlotte were friendly with the Doggerts of Trendon see below and avid enthusiasts and supporters of Sasha dolls. They were popular right from the start — a range of in-scale wooden furniture and living accessories was produced to match. Many loyal customer had nostalgic memories of their dolls and have returned to buy for their children over the years.

When the Trendon factory closed we were allocated some of the final production of dolls and have kept and sold them though our shops slowly over the years. About Sasha Sasha Morgenthaler – was a Swiss artist and artisan , toy-maker, wife and mother who also trained to be a midwife. She was a humanitarian and a passionate observer of the world’s children. Her vision was to create sculptural dolls that reflected the innocence of children of all races and cultures.

Cora, Sasha Doll

The dolls and items on this page are from collections that have been consigned for sale. The dolls are listed at the top of the page, then publications. Find the link above and below. Unless specifically noted, all dolls sold from this website are free from any kind of foul odor. Be sure to refresh this page every time you log on. Sometimes it is updated several times in one day!

Details about identification and dating can be found in our book, Sasha Dolls: Serie Identification. Information and ordering is at this website on the Sales page.

Nikki Kernohan. Explore Jay Bird Finnigan’s photos on Flickr. Jay Bird Finnigan has uploaded photos to Flickr. When I was a little girl, living in Leoben with my Aunt, just after the war had ended, I had a very best friend and her name was Ute. We were both born in May, although she was a year older than me, and we were inseparable. We played together and spent time together and as far as I remember, we never once fell out of friendship with one another, We completely trusted each other and we always believed what the other one said with all our hearts.

This is an important fact to remember for this…. Close up of 20″ Sasha Studio doll, with sandy brown hair and ochre-colored eyes, wearing her original beige wool coat and hat, Switzerland, , by Sasha Morgenthaler. The creative journey. My inspiration box.

Sasha Release List

She has a rooted center part to the crown date her hair is sasha frizzed or trimmed. She wears gingham dress with snaps on something and sleeves, half snap missing on one sleeve cuff sasha also the back. Sasha matching panties need new waist elastic. Also rib vest, early ankle socks, and leather shoes with Prym snaps, all played with but still nice condition. She has been restrung with original elastics dating, has been given a large silver how from a dress set, and she does not have her tube.

He has the pixie doll haircut and early tampa-printed eyes with hand finishing doll is typical of the mid s, and doll dressed in a complete Sport outfit although he does not have his yellow ball.

Bratz is an American product line of fashion dolls and merchandise manufactured by MGA Entertainment and created by Carter Bryant. Four original inch dolls were released in —Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha. MGA held fast, and the Secret Date collection (later renamed Blind Date) continued to sell.

Dolls are not just for little girls — women and men all over the world collect dolls. Since the s, Sasha dolls have been considered a prized possession for many collectors, due in part to the manufacturer’s attention to details and the care taken to produce each doll. Properly dating your Sasha doll gives you an idea of its worth as well as insight into where the doll originated.

Sasha dolls have undergone many changes over the years due to the changing of manufacturers, and there are a few signs to look for when properly dating your Sasha doll. Look at the bottom of the feet. From until , Sasha dolls were produced by Sasha Morgenthaler. Many of the dolls produced during this time feature Morgenthaler’s signature on the bottom of their feet. Measure the doll. The moulds for Sasha dolls were recast several times throughout the decades.

Sasha dolls from the s have wider faces and typically measure 16 inches tall. Sasha dolls from the s measure 17 inches tall, and after they had narrower faces.

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Sasha dolls were created by Swiss Artist Sasha Morgenthaler, who was born in From the beginning the dolls attracted attention, being the design of an artist they were different to any other play dolls around at the time. They were also more expensive and have always been seen as more exclusive.

This is the third and final volume about Sasha dolls, a very comprehensive and thoroughly researched guide to the identification and dating of.

I run the website Sasha Doll UK and have done to since I was born in and was the second child to June and John. They married in in Hammersmith , London then moved to Feltham, Middlesex to the house where not only my Mother but myself and my two brothers were born and raised. In just after the birth of my youngest brother, my father moved back to his home town in Newcastle-upon-Tyne when their divorce proceedings began.

Money was tight but that was normal, having not known any different we took for granted the many accomplishments of our Mum who would knit and sew for us. Our other clothing came mostly from jumble sales and hand me downs and lots of our gifts were handmade. My mother started child minding which allowed her to earn a living whilst being at home for us. This made things easier money wise and we learnt to share not just toys, but our Mum also. I remember that she would make fancy dress clothing from old materials which were kept in an old large ottoman alongside some old ball gowns given to the cause by generous neighbours.

We grew up in a house where the front door was always open and children were always playing, Mum would care for several of the elderly residences including my Grandfather who spent most of the time in his room.

What is a Sasha Doll?

Sasha dolls are very popular with collectors today, as their unique design has stood the test of time. The dolls were designed by Sasha Morgenthaler , a Swiss artist in the mid s. She was a keen observer of children and wanted to produce a doll that reflected all the word’s children. The Sasha doll was designed so that she was affordable and would have universal appeal. They are unique in that they have a stylised form, their skin colour is a blend of all children, they have realistic proportions and are well balanced.

Remote Control Included? No. Release date, 6 Nov. Language: Spanish, English. Mfg Recommended age, 5 – 50 years.

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