Oregon Republican Walkout Spurs Recall Attempt, Campaign Complaint

The move by the Trump campaign to go conservative with its ad spending during the convention week is a stark turn for a campaign that previously promised to unleash a ” Death Star “-level onslaught on its Democratic opponent leading up to Election Day. And the week of the Democratic National Convention last week was no different. I don’t know whether he’s retooling his messaging. I just don’t know. I do find it kind of strange that he is going relatively quiet during the convention. Meanwhile, the Biden campaign has spent seven-figures in some of the key states including Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona and Michigan. Overall, pro-Biden efforts, including the campaign and outside groups, have spent nearly twice the amount spent by pro-Trump efforts on television ads from late July through the end of August, with a particularly reserved efforts from the Trump campaign countered by an aggressive ad blitz from the Biden campaign. The Trump campaign had long promised to use its massive cash-on-had advantage to define whoever the Democratic nominee ended up being.

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Independent Al Gross, left, and Sen. Dan Sullivan, a Republican, are running for the U. Senate in Alaska this year. Alaska U. Dan Sullivan is the latest target for the Lincoln Project , a group of current and former Republican campaign operatives seeking to unseat President Donald Trump along with Senate Republicans for their devotion to the president. On Wednesday, the group debuted an ad it funded that promotes challenger Dr.

other Democrats with his ad spending in Super Tuesday states In total, 39% of Bloomberg’s TV spend to date is going toward ads in.

The nearly three-minute video garnered national attention on social media, including from network media personalities, pundits, and politicians. The ad follows Klacik walking through the streets of Baltimore as she touches on some of the city’s hot button issues including crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty, and violent crime. Klacik claims the majority of crime and poverty in the city impacts the black community, which makes up 60 percent of Baltimore’s population.

She follows those numbers up by accusing the party of, “betraying the black people of Baltimore,” and alleging that it’s their “policies and corruption that affects us. Three residents featured in the ad, two men and a woman respond “no,” with one of the men telling his story of how three of his sons were killed in Baltimore City. On November 3, Klacik faces off against Democratic incumbent Kweisi Mfume , who won an April special election to fill the 7th District Congressional seat held by the late Elijah Cummings.

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Follow our latest coverage of the Biden vs. Trump election here. As President Trump deploys federal agents to Portland, Ore. The influx of agents in Portland has led to scenes of confrontations and chaos that Mr. Trump and his White House aides have pointed to as they try to burnish a false narrative about Democratic elected officials allowing dangerous protesters to create widespread bedlam. The Trump campaign is driving home that message with a new ad that tries to tie its dark portrayal of Democratic-led cities to Mr.

Republican Group Asks Americans A Critical Question In Scathing Anti-Trump Ad​. George Conway’s Lincoln Project and fellow anti-Trump.

Kimberly Guilfoyle speaks as she tapes her speech for the first day of the Republican National Convention from the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, Monday, Aug. Donald Trump Jr. Tiffany, recently graduated from Georgetown Law School. Proud of you Tiff! Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey Oct. Joe Manchin D-WV. Brian Kemp, right, Tuesday, Oct. Senate candidate John James in Pontiac, Mich. Soraya Whelton, Dr.

And the Democrats turned it into a land of discarded heroin needles in parks, riots in streets and blackouts in homes. Guilfoyle was nearly matched in her fierce over-exuberance by her boyfriend, Donald Trump Jr. He was elected mayor of San Francisco in but they split up when she moved to New York in to seek her fame on cable news, eventually being recruited by Roger Ailes for Fox News.

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Republican, Republican Silver, Republican, The issue of remonetization of silver brought about party changes for several senators, including William Stewart of Nevada. As a delegate to the Republican party’s national convention in , Stewart drafted the currency plank for the party’s platform, which was later abandoned. Predicting the Republicans would adopt a gold standard plank in its platform, Stewart refused to be a delegate to the Republican national convention that year.

As he noted in his memoirs:. After my experience with Harrison’s Administration I found it would be impossible for me to further indorse the Republican Party without indorsing the crime of John Sherman in demonetizing silver.

no, mail ballots have to be received by the June 2nd primary date to be Steve Daines has a new ad out that is following the Republican.

In some of the first TV attack ads against Democratic U. The ads also suggest that a Bullock victory and Democratic control of the U. Passage of Medicare for All — taxpayer-supported government health insurance for everyone — remains a real political longshot, even if Democrats score victories this fall. Bullock will help Biden and Pelosi pass government-controlled health care.

Their liberal plan would force rural hospitals to close, raise our taxes and put government bureaucrats between me and my patients. Steve Daines will protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions and fight for lower prescription drug prices. What would this mean for Montana?

Can you date a Democrat without shame? Can you bring home a Republican without fear?

Evidence abounds that Democrats and Republicans really do not like each other. Researchers have found that they avoid dating one another, desire not to live near one another and disapprove of the idea that their offspring would marry someone outside their party see here , here , here. Sure, most people are not very political, but among those who are, partisanship seems to be affecting nonpolitical realms of their lives. That phenomenon motivated a colleague and me to gather data about mixed-partisan marriages.

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Union leader tells Republican convention why cops back Trump. Leader of police group that backed Obama-Biden throws support to President Trump. Five takeaways from the third night of the RNC. A differing view of police violence, a favor for Joe Biden and middling TV ratings. Five takeaways from the second night of the RNC. Shattering norms, Trumps on parade, answering back to Biden and the Democrats.

One speaker at the RNC, Abby Johnson, came under fire for a previous video she posted in June in which she talks about her biracial son and policing. Trump highlights criminal justice reform with pardon at GOP convention. President Trump showed a video at the RNC of him pardoning a former inmate who started a reentry program for ex-convicts. The utopia portrayed by President Trump and his acolytes during the Republican National Convention on Tuesday is a fiction, and their America just a prop.

With apocalyptic rhetoric, Republicans stoke fear if Trump loses. Trump was nominated for a second term in a roll-call vote after the four-day Republican National Convention was gaveled into session Monday. Four years of President Trump can feel like a blur. But five moments stand out.

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D ating a Trump supporter this election season? There has never been a better reason to return yourself to single status. If Google searches and media coverage is any indication, Trump is straining a lot of relationships. The people voting for Trump are largely white men—a subgroup of white men who are entitled, angry, racist and sexist. The most brutally misogynist men often date, marry and claim to love women.

Niche dating apps are thriving in a divided country. Democrats and Republicans can’t even use the same dating apps Advertisement. Goss.

Correction: A previous version of this story said Greene’s campaign ad was removed by Facebook for inciting violence. Her campaign team clarified Friday the ad was removed for violating Facebook’s advertising policy on “weapons, ammunition and explosives. Facebook has removed a campaign ad from Georgia 14th Congressional District candidate Marjorie Greene, claiming the ad violated their advertising policy. Facebook sent a notice to Greene’s campaign saying ads “must not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives,” which includes ads promoting the “brandishing of firearms.

In the video, Greene is shown holding an AR and saying President Donald Trump has declared antifa a domestic terrorist organization. Greene goes on to say antifa will not “burn our churches, loot our businesses or destroy our homes. The video, which is still active on Greene’s Twitter page, has nearly 1 million views and had about 2 million views on Facebook before it was taken down. The video was picked up by Breitbart News, a conservative news website.

In a statement, Greene said the move is the latest example of “Big Tech censorship on conservatives. Telling antifa thugs to stay out of Northwest Georgia is not a violation of Facebook. Northwest Georgia will not let antifa burn our churches, loot our businesses and destroy our homes. On May 31, Trump praised the National Guard’s response to nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd, an African American man, under the knee of a white police officer in Minneapolis.

Twenty minutes later, he tweeted that he would designate the group a domestic terrorist organization.

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The spot features a woman complaining about her relationship to the camera. Her beau spies on her text messages, meddles in her healthcare, and tanks their bank account. Since then, the politics-as-dating framework has been a favorite among Republicans campaigning for the young, female vote. Get it? But the ads just underline how out of touch Republicans are.

According to the website, more than $9, has been spent on the ads to-date. Republican Party officials point out that an affiliated political.

They run when they could walk. The speech will mark the end to the Republican convention, a four-night event where the party sought to present a softer, gentler version of the President while reinventing his own record on everything from the coronavirus to the economy to immigration. At the Democrat convention, you barely heard a word about their agenda. Almost all of the Republican speakers have also criticized the Biden-Harris administration, casting it as radical and out-of-touch with America.

Mitt Romney, the late Arizona Sen. Trump, however, remains overwhelming popular among Republican voters. All of this is playing out as the latest instance of racial turmoil, this time in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after a police officer shot Blake. The tumult continued later in the week, when two people were shot and killed during a night of unrest. Police arrested Illinois teen Kyle Rittenhouse Wednesday and charged him with first-degree intentional homicide. Trump has yet to comment on the Blake shooting, but Biden and Harris have talked with the Blake family and the California senator commented on the unrest during a virtual campaign event on Wednesday.

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