Regular Show, Vol. 8

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Regular Show

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Between issues with Mordecai and issues with his family, he spends most of his time alone and miserably depressed, spiraling into a pattern of self destructive habits.

His friends are worried.

However, Mordecai was a more intriguing character when he was dating CJ and Margaret. Man I just got the realest relationship advice from.

Mordecai and Rigby venture off on a road trip to return Margaret’s sweater, eventually getting pulled over in the process. The park staff make a bet about telling the scariest story at a Halloween party. Pops surprises Mordecai and Rigby with the gift of tants — pants which double as tables. Rigby has to win a bet by beating a guy at the arcade game, Bank Shot. Mordecai and Rigby accidentally ruin Thanksgiving and must find a way to save it before their families arrive for dinner.

The guys want to get a stuntman license for Timmy’s birthday party. Hi-Five Ghost hopes to reunite with a lady from his past after receiving a long-awaited postcard from her. Before his high school reunion, Rigby hopes to accomplish something he said he would do. The guys must venture into the bottom of the crash pit in order to find their video camera.

An electric guitar signed by a rock star must be replaced, so Mordecai, Rigby and Benson must find a replacement or Benson will be fired. Mordecai and Rigby compete in a battle of the bands to win an air conditioner.

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In my mind, I think CJ was a better candidate for Mordecai’s girlfriend. Now, allow me to explain why I think this way. When it comes down to it, I’m afraid there just.

Regular Show Comic Discussion. Mordecai and Margaret or Mordecai and CJ? There are so many fans for both sides that it’s almost impossible to find any agreement anywhere. But still, everyone’s entitled to have their own opinion and so I’ll give mine as well. In my mind, I think CJ was a better candidate for Mordecai’s girlfriend. Now, allow me to explain why I think this way. When it comes down to it, I’m afraid there just isn’t much to say about Mordecai and Margaret’s relationship, at least as far as I can see.

Mordecai and CJ’s Relationship

Okay Regular Show, you made Rigleen canon. Now please make a flash back episode of how that went down. It would have helped us understand why they decided to end the way they did. They were talking about it outside, and even gave each other a hug before they both went their separate ways. Hopefully that will be in a future episode, but still.

Planning a Date with CJ I Regular Show I Cartoon Network . January 27, by Donald Parker. I also think that since CJ and Mordecai are dating.

FYI I’m appreciating the reviews I’ve been getting for this fanfic. It helps motivate me to continue writing. Keep it up :. Overall, most of Margaret’s life going pretty well. She had great friends, family close by, successfully graduated from college with a degree in journalism, and was currently working a successful news reporter on Channel Six; plus she had some pretty cool friends that were a blast to hang out with.

The only downside in life, however, was her dating life. It had been two months since she learned that her ex-boyfriend and one of her closes friends, Mordecai, was having a baby with his new girlfriend, CJ, and so far she hadn’t been able to accept it. Every time she saw Mordecai she’d either see CJ with him, or he’d talk non stop about nothing CJ and their baby.

Review: Regular Show “Play Date”

Travelling or based outside United States? Video availability outside of United States varies. Sign in to see videos available to you. Close Menu. Mordecai and the Rigbys are back together for an epic battle of the bands!

Which got CJ really upset over this when Mordecai not answering her he and Eileen are dating and Rigby told Mordecai to follow his gut on.

Mordecai and Rigby must find a way to cover up a hole in the wall they created, and a magical keyboard they name ‘The Power’ might be just the thing for it. A birthday party is scheduled in the park, and everyone has interesting jobs to do. That is, everybody but Mordecai and Rigby, who are only trusted with the lame job of setting up the chairs. In order to prove they are not slackers, the duo agree to set them up without being distracted. Mordecai and Rigby need money in order to see their favourite childhood band.

They decide to take on extra shifts, but soon start to tire out so they turn to coffee in order to stay awake. After gorging on snacks at the snack bar, Rigby suffers an unfortunate accident as his consciousness separates from his body. In an effort to woo Margaret, Mordecai starts using a cologne that can supposedly attract women, called “Dude Time”.

Unfortunately, all it seems to attract are unicorns. When Rigby digs up a good-looking plate from the garbage, he and Mordecai decide to use it by eating a piece of chocolate cake on it. As their efforts prove fruitless, they decide the only way forward is to convince the solitary Skips to have a birthday party. When the park is going to be audited, the guys must find a way to sort their taxes out or face it being closed down.

Mordecai suggests Rigby’s accountant brother, Don, but Rigby must first get over a long running feud. Rigby suffers a final humiliation as he loses a fight to Mordecai over a video game.

are mordecai and cj dating services

They came together, fell apart, came back together, and fell apart again. Some may disagree, but I feel this relationship was the best thing to ever happen to Mordecai. CJ helped change him, help him better understand love, and though it pains me to see that they broke up, I will always have the memories of these two and remember what their relationship meant to me. Sometimes memories are good enough for a fan. I will never forget. Profile Navigation Scholar

Mordecai and CJ’s last hug as a couple Rigby and Eileen have been dating for months!! Mordecai literally fucking everything up at the end of the episode.

At mordecai table, CJ calls the pastry shop L’Wafflerie to see if the mordecai cake she ordered is ready and quickly puts her phone away when Mordecai returns. He upset her if she was ever approached by Regular after she deleted show Couple Corral profile and CJ, confused dating the question, answers no. After dinner, Mordecai suggests dessert and calls over the waiter holding the gift box.

In jeopardy of ruining her plan, she suggests they skip dating and hastily excuses herself show go to the bathroom. As Mordecai and CJ leave the restaurant, Mordecai secretly calls Was margaret tell him the dessert plan failed. He instructs Rigby to pick upset the bracelet and bring it to the town square. Regular returns to CJ and suggests they dating over to Main Street. But CJ wants to stay on the block they’re on since L’Wafflerie is right across the street. Suddenly, Mordecai upset CJ to a race regular the square.

In a panic, CJ calls Eileen and and her to pick up the waffle show and bring it and the square.

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Mordecai was dating CJ again, Margaret came back at a X-mas party, things got weird, then Mordo and CJ broke up at Muscle Man’s wedding with his GF.

These are the following characters from the American animated television series Regular Show. Mordecai voiced by J. Quintel is a year-old anthropomorphic blue jay who works as a groundskeeper at The Park. He has been best friends with Rigby ever since childhood, and together they are very lazy and constantly slack off at their jobs there. Mordecai is more conscientious, intelligent, mature, and moral about his actions than Rigby is, which sometimes leads to his opposing Rigby when he is the cause of some kind of chaotic problem.

However, Mordecai usually sides with his friend and the two generally stick together through their adventures. Mordecai loves to play video games and is a better player than Rigby, he also demonstrates decent strength, such as carrying large boulders, and never being hurt by Rigby’s punches, able to punch Rigby across an entire room with ease. He can sometimes become caught up in his emotions, often letting them get the better of him.

However, he is usually quick to apologize to others if he has hurt them and occasionally takes the lead in fixing a situation. He had a crush on Margaret Smith, a red robin who worked as a waitress at a local coffee shop.


Hardcore Regular Show fans are still impatiently waiting on a complete fourth season DVD and Blu-ray release — come on, the sixth season is airing on TV now! And based on the cover art, in which Mordecai the bluejay reaches his hands his high above his head and presumably yells “Oh! There’s one little hitch, though. The title of the Rigby Pack made perfect sense, as most of the selected episodes were all driven by Rigby and even often touched on the same theme: how Rigby’s stubbornness and laziness leads to disaster.

When Mordecai and CJ realize that they have never been on a romantic date, they schedule one. But, their special gifts that they have secretly planned for the.

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He made his debut in the non-canon short “2 in the AM PM” as a human cashier, who then morphs into a prototype Mordecai-like character with a fanny pack. The upper portion of his head, wings, tail feathers, and back are mostly blue, while the lower portion of his head and chest are white and a few times pale-blue with a faint, blue line down the length of his chest. A thick, black stripe circles the sides of Mordecai’s head, ending near his face. His dark gray nose is found on his grey beak between his two eyes.

“Real Date”. At mordecai table, CJ calls the pastry shop L’Wafflerie to see if the mordecai cake she ordered is ready and quickly puts her phone.

Mordecai is getting ready for his date with CJ, while Rigby is pissed that Mordecai is bailing on him. Mordecai meets her outside, where they try to figure out where to go. Death shows up in a van from the netherworld, where he drops off Thomas, his son. Thomas rips on CJ for dating Mordecai, but Mordecai distracts him with a trip to the playground. Thomas throws a fit, and destroys the ice cream truck. Mordecai breaks, and says he will take him to the underworld playground.

CJ is driving, and Mordecai is riding bitch, as Thomas adequately mentions. After CJ goes into seventh gear, they make it into the underworld to the playground. Mordecai thanks CJ, for taking her on a trip to the underworld.

Couple Corral